Cheng Wei was called to the Singapore Bar in 2014 and practised as a litigation associate at one of the Singapore's largest law firms.
He later left practise to become the legal counsel of a group of F&B companies and to start his corporate services firm, CorpZap.
CorpZap today services more than 350 startups in southeast Asia.
Cheng Wei is an expert in corporate compliance, Singapore business regulations, and startup funding.

Since 2016 he is involved in crypto currency development, development of crypto currency exchange, operation of "bit-life" which is Owned Media, development and operation of bit coin arbitrage system.
WEB marketing specialist.
Crypto currency investor.
Fuji TV "FNN Everyone's News",
Nippon Television "ZIP!",
Mainichi Broadcasting "Are Messenger's Ok OK?"
Magazine COMPANYTANK, liberal time posted.

Born in Taunggy, Myanmar.
Myanmar AIG, Sunshine Japan - CEO founder, Japan Myanmar business consulting.
He leads the WPCproject in Myanmar and is responsible for promoting marketing and projects in Myanmar.

After obtaining master at Tokyo University of the Arts, build a career in the area of disaster area recovery and education. The research theme is BOP (Base Of the economic Pyramid) layer. Being a university lecturer and principal of an art school, he has worked with local governments such as Fukushima prefecture to engage in such activities as providing disaster area recovery projects mainly for children and planning workshops. At the same time, as a researcher of BOP business, I am involved in building many crypto currency schemes. He is advancing the WPC project, making full use of his experience gained in a wide range of fields such as education, art and disaster area recovery. He thinks that the fact that investors and poor regions enjoy mutual benefits is the reason for the birth of Fintech.

He was interested in crypto currency in his school days due to his father's influence and started a bit coin fund in collaboration with friends and his father before bit coin became famous. Learn distribution logistics and management at the university, and engage in the marketing and planning of financial products at insurance companies etc. He is also involved in projects that make use of block chains at the level of daily living, and currently he is a domestic seminar lecturer at WPC and other crypto currencies and has been conducting activities to promote crypto currency and block chains.

Start real estate rental business from 2013. Through the real estate rental industry, he creates a wide range of personal connections and sales systems, starts selling mining machines, and is fascinated by the Cryptocurrency. In 2018, joined the board members of WorldPeaceCoin. He is in charge of marketing and customer support. Utilizing a wide range of personal connections, it becomes an evangelist of WorldPeaceCoin.

Software Engineer with 15 years industrial experience, been working for many world's leading software/internet companies, hands on many world-wide well known software products. Currently working as a freelance software engineer on many state-of-art technology applied projects.

"U.S. Based cryptocurrency enthusiast and investor with 5 years of marketing experience. He has promoted different campaigns for many products and services including Indeed recruitment, Coinseed, Mobile Phone Sales, USI-tech, Binance, and more.His hopes are to work with WPC to help make the world a better place.


He started system development and Internet import business in college, and currently supports over 100 companies as a strong lawyer in the IT, Web and crypto currency industry from venture companies and SMEs to listed companies with an advisory contract.
And founded "MIRAI Challenge Co., Ltd." which is a consulting firm that solves issues of corporate management.
He is committed not only to legal aspects but also to solving corporate issues such as financing, recruitment, personnel system construction, advertisement PR, overseas expansion support, IPO, etc.

AI × VR serial entrepreneur. Representative Director, AR System Co., Ltd Chairman and CEO. He is a family member of the magazine grandson Mika grandson (Saika Magoichi) known as a soldier of the Warring States period.
After becoming a buyer of a major apparel maker, a creative director of a major advertising agency, and a producer of an IT listed company, he became independent and opened.
Currently I run 10 companies and advise 5 companies. AI is developing an AI system for investment making use of deep learning.

He is engaged in various software consulting as a professional on IT business while developing software using P2P network, selling various software applying network technology.
He also provides consulting on design development for block chains and virtual currencies both at home and abroad and lectures to expand the base of virtual currencies.