How can we contact the WPProject?
Please send your inquiries to support@worldpeacecoin.info.
We will do our best to answer as quickly as possible. However, there are also times when our replies will take a few days.
Do I send money to poor countries by doing mining?
You can mine WPC by lending WPC to users classified as the poor. The reward depends on total amount of PoL, loan amount, repayment amount, and so on.
Is PoL a loan?
PoL is a loan. However, we set the loan interest extremely low because PoL is not for loan-interest income. Please refer to our whitepaper for the details. Miners can receive both a reward of PoL and a loan repayment.
Where can the donated WPC be used?
We are making arrangements so that stores can be paid with WPC. Preparations in Myanmar are already progressing. It still cannot be used in other countries but out of the 60% of the funds acquired from the ICO, a large portion has been allocated to making arrangements in order to make paying with WPC possible.
Can I send coins not as a loan but as a donation?
You can just donate WPC only with your receive address. Cryptocurrencies generally work well together with donation. As a number of wallets around the world were shared to raise donations in the event of a natural disaster, WPC will be used for donations if it is spread. And we never stop that. This is because the world peace is our aim.
Can the lender do mining just by paying the amount they are financing to the platform? If that is so, why is this possible?
The lender can do mining just by paying the amount they are financing to the platform. PoL role as a project is to improve the worldwide economic cycle and raise the standard of living at the poverty level. However, its structural role is to maintain the structural soundness of transactions and the WPC. PoW is scheduled to end in 10 years time but after that PoL will maintain the structural soundness of WPC transactions. PoL is essential in maintaining the WPC therefore rewards are paid to miners for sending money to PoL.
When people in developing countries receive financing, to whom do they repay the loan? To the miner? Or to the platform?
Users in developing countries make repayments to the Mother Wallet. The Mother Wallet transfers the funds to users in advanced countries (the miners). This task of sending money is accepted through nodes.
Are people living in Europe happy that PoL is functioning?
They can be happy that PoL leads to the creation of opportunities for people living in poor countries to become self-sufficient.
However, for advanced countries, the value is in the opening up of markets for 4 billion people that have never before been developed and which PoL has made possible.
If worldwide demand rises due to PoL, then it will lead to rise in the value of the currencies.
Users in advanced countries, starting with Europe, can be happy with the capital gains which they can obtain by knowing it is being used in markets which were previously difficult to develop.
What measures are you considering to increase users?
Users are the investors who mainly carry out loans and ownership, and the poor who mainly carry out borrowing and consumption.
In order to increase investors, we will carry out 4 things: preICO, ICO, being listed in exchanges and continuous IR.
During the preICO, we gather the funds necessary for continuous development, and advertising and marketing expenses for the ICO period. Therefore by using those funds, we will make WPC recognized by more investors.
ICO will accelerate the preICO further.
Raising the necessary funds to go public is also being carried out at a large scale.
Even after WPC goes public, we will distribute IR to investors once a week, at the very least, through SNS.
With regard to measures to increase consumers, we have set up an elaborate strategy. Expressing it in simple terms is difficult but the process involves inviting applicants who want donations and carrying out the distribution of the WPC.
In actuality, by using WPC free of charge, people come to understand the convenience of WPC and this gradually increases the awareness of virtual currencies and the WPC.
Is the interest table applicable to the case of Myanmar?
Is this rate applied even in other countries?
Everything can be applied across-the-board.
In your explanation of the usage of the funds being raised, the principal of the loan was not included. How do you plan to start distributing it?
The donations will be carried out with 250 million WPC that were mined during pre-mining. The amount financed will be distributed through WPC held by miners.
In which cases can the capital invested by an ICO participant be refunded?
The funds will not be returned under any circumstances.
Please explain how the ICO invested capital is managed.
It is entirely stored in a cold wallet and stored in such a state that it is completely isolated from the network.
In addition, the cold wallet is not only in a safe inside the company, but scattered and managed in multiple safes.
Please tell me how you would deal with a malfunction in the tokens.
After we have immediately made an announcement about the status through every SNS, the engineer in-charge will immediately determine the cause of the malfunction then we will announce the cause within 24 hours. In addition, after the cause is completely dealt with, we will announce it at once through SNS.
Please explain your thoughts on the legality of the project and ICO scheme. Also, if it has been verified by an attorney, please disclose that attorney’s name.
This project has been made open for public inspection by the Singaporean corporation “WP project Pte Ltd.” Singaporean law applies to it but in Singapore at the present time, ICO regulations regulate only “fund type” ICO.
Grow-will International Law Firm
Attorney Hidetoshi Nakano
Can American citizens join the ICO?
The current laws of U.S. regarding ICO are unclear and need to be updated as the situation changes. However, we are afraid that U.S. citizens cannot participate in our ICO for now.