Our Mission


Our Mission

WPC is a totally new cryptocurrency having possibility to change the world.
So far, no access to any financial services is the reason why 2.5 billion people
without their bank account could not receive educations, launch a business,
nor invest for their asset buildups. Without a bank account,
they cannot get their credit scores based on their asset status and credit information,
and that causes them to depend on money lenders
with high interest rates, resulting in making their situation worse.

However, do they really need banks in this Internet age?

What is necessary is not a bank account, but the access to financial services.
If what is asked for is the creation of rights and opportunities that can be obtained
by having access to financial services,
then that is a problem that can be solved by FinTech and not by banks.

In addition, based on examples of implementation so far, microfinancing has been
confirmed to have extremely high rates of repayment but there are various hindrances
such as a huge capital and the cooperation of megabanks. Under existing conditions,
very few people can get an opportunity to get microfinancing.

To deal with such problems, people all over the world need to work together
for future market development, and if we place ourselves not in a country’s or company’s point of view,
but in an individual’s point of view, taking action with just by a dedicated spirit is difficult.
However, if we add the motive of mining then we can completely turn around the situation.
It is possible for WPC to solve these problems.

WPC is a massive project that will make “World Peace” a reality, through the mind shift from volunteering to investing.
The spread of WPC could change the world economy.
Thank you for reading to the very end. We hope more investors will aim for the world peace together with us.


Notice of Airdrops

14 Feb 2019

If you are holding 3000 WPC or more at bitcastle as of the 22nd of February, 2019, you will be eligible for WPC airdrops.
Don’t miss this opportunity!

Information regarding listing on a centralized exchange

08 Feb 2019

We are pleased to inform you that World Peace Coin as listed on COINZEUS !

BENRI Company Limited

06 Sep

The WP Project has established a joint venture "BENRI Company Limited" with Paygrergate Co., Ltd, which supports Myanmar's financial infrastructure, We will strive to disseminate World Peace Coin step by step starting from Myanmar.


03 Sep

World Peace Coin will conduct Airdrop!
We plan to have Airdrop more than once depending on the WPC balance of Wallet in bitCastle.
We will announce the implementation schedule and distribution conditions in the near future.

Reopened after renovation

01 Sep

WorldPeaceCoin.io has finished its ICO and has been reborn as a page for management reports of WP projects and WPC.
We will make progress reports on how your investment will change the world at any time.


Our token address: 0x48a3ff4defc244470a4eae56b6ce8c026616dc89